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Eva Pollard/Eva Glass Design - Biography

Eva Pollard is a glass artist inspired by nature, line and colour. She specialises in creating collections of kiln-formed (or fused) glass art, homeware and jewellery under the brand Eva Glass Design; and also creates stained glass windows to commission.

Eva's kiln-formed work is created by using a kiln to fuse together two or more pieces of glass at around 750-800OC depending on the effect required. The higher the temperature, the more rounded the edges of the glass become.

Eva's art and homeware is designed to interact with natural light to bring patterns of colour to interiors. Her designs are bright and playful, evoking a nostalgia for sunny weather and days out. Many pieces are fired to a contoured finish to add texture and depth to the rich colours of the glass; whilst others combine screen-printing techniques with blended glass powders to create silhouetted effects.

Eva creates jewellery from specialised dichroic glass which has the unique property of reflecting one colour while transmitting another. The different colours can be observed by viewing from different angles, and it is always a good idea to suggest that customers do this so that they can appreciate this quality of the material. Eva finishes all her jewellery pieces with high quality silver and silver plated fittings.

Eva welcomes commissions for both stained glass windows and smaller fused glass pieces. She enjoys involving her clients in the design process to help them express their own creativity and bring their ideas to life.

Eva is a member of the Contemporary Glass Society and the Wye Valley Crafts Association. For further information please visit www.evaglassdesign.co.uk.

Social media links: @evaglassdesign on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest